Effective 1 April 2002
Draft Per Foot $17.433/ft
Minimum Draft 14 feet
Tonnage Per Gross Registered Ton $0.0364/GRT

Minimum GRT

2500 GRT
Shifting Draft and Tonnage Apply

Anchoring Offshore

Draft and Tonnage Apply

Cancelled Orders (after pilot is onboard)


Detention (pilot remains on board)

$50.00 Per Hour
Minimum Fee
Draft ($17.433 X 14 feet)  $244.06
Tonnage ($0.0364 X 2500 GRT) $91.00
Total ($244.06 + $91.00) $335.06

Draft and tonnage charge apply to each vessel inbound, outbound, shifting within the port or anchoring offshore.

Late payment charge is 1 .5% per month after 30 days.

Tonnage is the highest GRT listed in Lloyd’s Register.

Pilotage rates are effective 1 April 2002 as ordered by the Florida Pilotage Rate Review Board 24 February 2000.


Vessels subject to pilotage (F.S. 310.141)
All vessels, except those exempt under the laws of the United States or vessels drawing less than 7 feet of water shall have a licensed state pilot or deputy pilot on board...

Piloting without a license (F.S. 310.161)
Any individual who directs the movement of a vessel and is not licensed as a state pilot or deputy pilot is guilty of a second degree misdemeanor. In addition the state may through the courts seek a penalty of not less than $500 and not more than $5000. Draft Tonnage