Description Rates for vessels:
Under 10,000 Gross Tons 10,000 Gross Tons or Greater
Length Rate per foot $0.8447 $1.1261
Beam Rate per foot $4.2231 $5.3452
Draft Rate per foot for vessels
with drafts measuring less than 31 feet
(minimum of 18 feet)
$25.3386 $33.7848
Draft Rate per foot for vessels
with drafts measuring 31 feet or greater
$31.9167 $42.5556
Gross Tonnage (GT) Rate per 1,000 tons (minimum of 5,000 GT) $12.6693 $16.8924
Harbor Control Rate $112.6163 $112.6163

All rates and fees apply to each vessel inbound, outbound, shifting within PortMiami and anchoring offshore.

The formula for calculating the total Pilotage Fee is:

(Length Rate * Length) + (Beam Rate * Beam) +
(Draft Rate * Draft) + (GT Rate * (GT/1000)) +
Harbor Control Rate = Pilotage Fee

Detention of pilots - 25% of assessed Pilotage Fee per hour after the first one half hour.

Cancellation of pilots - 25% of assessed Pilotage Fee.

At the discretion of the Biscayne Bay Pilots, an additional pilot may be assigned to any neo-panamax vessel calling on PortMiami with the commensurate result that said vessel shall be charged a double Pilotage Fee.

Late payment charge is 1.5% per month after 30 days.

Vessels subject to pilotage:

All vessels, except those exempt under the laws of the United States or vessels drawing less than 7 feet of water shall have a licensed state pilot or deputy pilot on board.

Piloting without a license; penalties:

(1) Any individual who is not a licensed state pilot or a certificated deputy pilot, and who directs the movement of a vessel on which a licensed state pilot or certificated deputy pilot is required is guilty of piloting without a license. Under Florida law, any person piloting without a license is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree.

(2) Additionally, civil penalties of up to $5,000 may be assessed for each offense plus court costs, attorney fees, and costs of investigation in addition to the applicable Pilotage Fee.